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Security and Protection

Safe and Secure Investing

Safeguarding your privacy and keeping your personal information personal is a very important goal for us. SogoTrade incorporates multiple layers of protection on our website and network, virtually eliminating the chance of any outside intrusion. We protect your privacy and transaction details with the most advanced technology available.

What Should You Do?

To help us protect your personal account information, we urge you to consider some simple strategies.

1. Protect your password

•  Never share or give out your password.
•  Under no circumstance, will SogoTrade ever ask you for your account password via email or phone call. If anyone ever does, please notify SogoTrade immediately.
•  Don't reuse passwords. Identity thieves can often access several sites just by determining one password.
•  Never share key information such as your social security number or mother's maiden name with anyone.
•  Change your password on a regular basis.

2. Check website authenticity

•  To check site authenticity, you should check the url address in your browser. It should begin with "" or "". •  Official also has clickable Verisign Certificate Icon located at the bottom right of every page.

A Secure URL

Internet Explorer 6.0  

Secure URL

Internet Explorer 7.0  

Secure URL

Firefox 2.0  

Secure URL

SogoTrade´s VeriSign Certificate

•  Click on the Verisign Certificate Icon to see the verification information, and make sure the "Site Name" reads ""
verisign page pic

3. Protect your identity

•  Lost checks or stolen credit cards should be reported immediately.
•  Never let anyone borrow ATM or credit cards.
•  Peridocially review your credit report for innacuracies.

4. Use email wisely

•  Never open attachments in emails from sources you aren't familiar with, as they may contain viruses or spyware.
•  Don't include usernames, passwords, or any personal information in emails, even if you trust the source. Emails can be intercepted.
•  Filling in personal information into forms received by email is never a good idea. This is another technique used by identity thieves.
•  Don't click on links in emails from unknown sources.
•  If you aren't sure about where an email came from, open a new window and re-enter the website address into the address bar.

5. Protect your computer

•  Always use the most recent version of your web browser, since that most likely contains updated security features.
•  Upgrade your operating system to the most recent version for the same reason.
•  Update your computer with security patches.
•  Update the virus definitions on your anti-virus software, so you will be protected from new viruses.

6. Report problems immediately

•  If you suspect any fraud email or strange activities in your account, please report immediately to [email protected]