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Discount Stock Brokers Mission
To help our customers build wealth through long term investment with Advanced, Low Cost, and Easy to Use investment strategies.
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 Real Time Stock Trading
SogoTrade and Wang Investments
SogoTrade is a division of Wang Investment Associates, Inc. Wang Investments was established around 1999. Primarily, Wang Investments provides trade execution services and direct market access to high volume traders, large domestic and international hedge funds, and other stock market professionals. What this means is that Wang Investments executes orders for the elite segment of the trading population.

Wang Investments's business results in processing very large amounts of trades. In January 2006 alone, Wang Investments executed1.5 Billion shares , or 2-3% of NASDAQand 1-2% of NYSEmonthly trading volume. Wang Investments's advanced trading platform is the only one rated Platinum by NASDAQ as of 01/2006.

Because of all this, Wang Investments's costs are low when it comes to trading. More trades mean less cost per trade. Wang Investments also performs many brokerage related procedures internally, thereby saving on operational costs.

That is what allowed us to launch SogoTrade.The idea behind SogoTrade is to give the average person the pricing that only the professional traders get. But why not just charge the same as everyone, and make more money? Instead, our philosophy is to pass the savings on to our customers, and to build a relationship with you over the long term.

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Automatic Investment Plan SogoTrade Features
Fraud Protection: Your account in insured by the SIPC for $500,000, out of which a maximum of $100,000 protects cash and the remaining $400,000 protects securities.

Multiple Account Types: You can open Invididual and Joint accounts. IRA and ESA (Educational Savings) accounts coming soon.

Real Time Trades: With $500 minimum net equity, $3.00 per trade for Standard package, $1.50 per trade for Premium package with $10.00 subscription fee per month.

Easy to Use: Open an account in just 5 minutes. Do research. Manage your account from one screen. We built our website with one word in mind: Easy.

Education Section: Don't know where to start? Check out the Education Section here for helpful info.
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Stock Investment Company Technology
We are very experienced with trading technologies, having pioneered one of the fastest direct market access systems in the world. SogoTrade uses this technology to make trading easy, reliable, fast, and hassle-free.
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Stock Trading Portal Fee Structure
 Real-time Trades* (Market or Limit)  $3.00
 Account minimums  $500
 Electronically Transfer Funds  Free
 Inactivity Fees  None
 Subscription Fee  None
  * Click here for more details.
  ** Automatic investments are recurring or one-time purchases of stock. All sales of stock are made real-time and are subject to real-time commissions.
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* See Rates & Fees for complete details.
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