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Apex Crypto FAQ


Welcome to Apex Crypto!


What are your service hours?

  • 7am to 8pm ET.

Where can I find more detail about Apex Crypto, including legal documentation?


Do I need to fund my Apex Crypto account separately from my brokerage account with you?

  • No, when authorizing trades with Apex Crypto, you will also provide the necessary authorization to transfer the applicable funding to or from your brokerage account with us. Cash transfers are automatic. You can view the cash journals online in your brokerage account under “Funds/Account Transfer” via “Pending & Historical Transfers”.

Where can I find details about my Apex Crypto account?

  • You can find details of your Apex Crypto cryptocurrency transactions and positions by accessing your account via our website and clicking on the “Trade Crypto” button in the action area or under the “Trade” menu pulldown.

Will my cryptocurrency positions be on the same statements as my securities positions?

  • No, cryptocurrency positions will be detailed on a separate statement. The statements will be emailed quarterly at this time.
  • Cryptocurrency account statements, confirms, and tax forms will be sent out by Apex Crypto separately.

Can I transfer any cryptocurrencies I currently own to my Apex Crypto Account? Can I transfer cryptocurrencies I have at Apex Crypto to another crypto trading platform?

  • Apex Crypto does not currently support this functionality.

Can I move my wallet?

  • We only offer the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrency at this time. We view cryptocurrency as an investable asset that SogoTrade offers via Apex Crypto to trade and invest in. We do not allow wallets to be moved. This is stance we take with Anti Money Laundering protection in mind. 

Do you use a wallet?

  • Yes, we do store cryptocurrency in a wallet. Apex Crypto manages the keys to the wallet.