SogoTrade Data Encryption

SogoTrade uses industry-leading 128-bit VeriSign SSL encryption technology throughout its website to ensure that your personal data is at all times protected from eavesdropping, tampering, and forgery. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is a communication protocol used to secure data transfers over the internet by mathematically transforming a message so its contents are concealed to everyone but the intended recipient.

The authentic SogoTrade website will display a clickable VeriSign Certificate Icon located at the bottom of each page.

SogoTrade´s VeriSign Icon

Internet Explorer 7.0  

Secure URL

Firefox 2.0  

Secure URL

Secure SogoTrade URL Address

Information exchanged through any web address beginning with "https," as in "" is encrypted using SSL before transmission.

A Secure URL

Secure URL

Secure URL

SogoTrade Enhanced Login

SogoTrade has developed a comprehensive set of login security features to protect your account from unauthorized access.

Password Strength Evaluator Tool (Online Application)

SogoTrade has included a password strength evaluator as part of its online application to help you select a secure password.

Strong passwords will contain a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols and have both capital and lower case letters. While you are creating your password on the online application, the strength evaluator will notify you if your choice is very weak, weak, strong, or very strong.

Create your password during online application
Password Strength

SogoTrade Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Each SogoTrade account is associated with a PIN comprised of 4-6 numerical digits. SogoTrade´s PIN feature was specifically designed to thwart key logging programs that might exist on your computer. Key loggers are hidden programs that capture your key stokes as you log into various websites. In order to combat this threat, SogoTrade´s PIN keypad allows users to enter their PIN with mouse clicks rather than keystrokes. Furthermore, each time you access the SogoTrade account login page or refresh your PIN keypad, SogoTrade creates a unique one-time-use keypad comprised of randomly sequenced numerical buttons. This feature prevents the association of your mouse clicks with a particular number. Finally, to protect your PIN information during data transmission, SogoTrade encrypts your PIN as code which is unique to each randomly-generated keypad.

SogoTrade PIN Keypad
Pin Keypad

Personal Image and Personal Phrase

Personal Image and Personal Phrase

The personal image and personal phrase is a feature intended to thwart phishing and pharming. These are tactics used by identity thieves to compromise your account access information by " spoofing " a legitimate site. Typically, an email is sent urging people to log into their accounts by clicking on an attached link, which will direct the victim to a phony website where any information they enter, such as login information, will be captured.

SogoTrade´s use of personal images and phrases makes it extremely difficult to spoof the SogoTrade login page since identity thieves will not know which image and phrase are associated with your account. Each time you login, please take a moment to check that your image and phrase are correct. A SogoTrade login page where your image and phrase are not correctly displayed should be a cause for suspicion and reported to SogoTrade immediately.

Session Timeout

SogoTrade uses an automatic time-out feature to log customers off their accounts after an extended period of inactivity (approximately 20 minutes). The automatic log out feature reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your account from an unattended computer. To maintain account security, please always log out of your SogoTrade account when you are finished. If you have left your account idle for a period of time, you might return to see a pop-up window informing you, "Your session has expired. Please log in again." You will need to re-log in to your account from the account login page to continue.

Perimeter Defense

The SogoTrade website and databases are safeguarded by up-to-date firewalls and other intrusion detection mechanisms. These defenses are all configured to detect and shut down any unauthorized or suspicious connections. SogoTrade continually monitors its defense systems and acts instantly upon any sign of suspicious activity.

Security Tip:
Changing your password and PIN frequently makes it more difficult for unauthorized users to access your account. Never transmit sensitive account information through email or pop ups.

Each time you log into your SogoTrade account, take a moment to ensure your personal image and personal phrase are correct. Incorrect images and phrases could be an indication of a fraudulent website.