Stock screeners are very helpful in generating trade ideas—they are easy tools for identifying stocks that meet your criteria. A quality screener does the hard work for you: It identifies potential trade opportunities by searching a pool of stocks to find the ones meeting the criteria you specify.

Generally you can screen for a range of basic information: the exchange or index a security trades on, its sector and industry, market cap, by company fundamentals, price and volume, and technical indicators. The most powerful screeners will let you search based on real-time data, and give you the ability to screen by extensive fundamentals and independent analyst rankings.

In addition to creating your own custom screens, often you can select a pre-defined screener to quickly and easily find, for example, stocks with heavy volume or strong earnings growth trends. On it’s easy to use pre-built screeners to conveniently find stocks meeting the following criteria:

• Growth at a reasonable price
• High-dividend yield
• Large cap growth
• Large cap value
• Mid cap growth
• Mid cap value
• Profitability
• Small cap growth
• Small cap value