With SogoTrade.com, you can invest in stocks, options, and ETFs. To get started:

1. Go to the Trading Center under the Trade menu.
2. Enter the symbol you want to trade, the action (buy or sell) you want to take, and the number of shares to trade.
3. Select your order type and (if applicable) limit price and expiration.
4. Click Verify Order when you’re done.

Please note: On SogoTrade.com, you can’t invest in penny stocks—stocks that trade on the OTCBB (Over the Counter Bulletin Board) or Pink Sheet. We limit this because trading these securities can be very risky.

View the sample trading screen.

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How to place an option order on SogoTrade.com

To trade options you must apply and be approved for option trading. If you have not yet applied for option approval you will see a choice for “Options” in the “Trade” menu. From the options overview page you’ll see a link to upgrade your account.

When an account has been approved for option trading a new menu choice for Options will be in the primary navigation bar.

There are many ways to create an option order at SogoTrade, including several methods directly from our option chains. To create an order from the Trade page in the option center:

1. Enter the symbol of the underlying security.
2. The display will show quote and chart information for the underlying and will populate the “order ticket” with a one-contract, marketable limit buy order, for an at-the-money call, in the nearest expiration month. You can then use the drop down menus to change any or all of those parameters.
3. Click the green Verify Order button when your order is ready.
4. Review the order.
5. Click the green “Submit Order” button.

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