Limit order expirationsOrder Expiration means how long your order will be in the market until it is cancelled. This can range from indefinite to immediate. Expiration only occurs with limit orders. SogoTrade will automatically display expiration options when you select a limit order. Please review both expiration options available to you through SogoTrade below.

Expire at End of Day:
A day order will only be in effect on the day that the order is entered, and will expire at the market close on that day, or 4:00 PM EST.

Immediate or Cancel
An Immediate or Cancel order is an order that will be immediately filled, whether partially or totally, with any remaining balance immediately cancelled. You can use this type of expiration for limit orders if you want to buy or sell immediately, but only at a certain price.

Keep in mind that only a part of your order may be executed, and that the order may not execute at all if the security is not trading at the price that you selected.

Order Expiration refers to the length of time your limit order will stay active on the market before it expires and is cancelled. All SogoTrade limit orders are Good-till-Day (GTD) limit orders.

Good-till-Day Limit Orders
A GTD limit order will only be in effect on the day that the order is entered. Any unexecuted portion of the order will expire and be automatically cancelled at the close of regular market hours - 4:00 PM EST.

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