Trading process at SogotradeHow exactly does the entire SogoTrade trading process work? Here, all the steps are outlined one by one, in a simple, easy to understand way.

Step 1: Research
First, do your research. Check out the research section for the basic statistics on an ETF or stock, take a look at the chart, read through the news. If you decide to just invest in an index-tracking ETF, research is not that important, but if you plan on trading stocks, make sure you know the full story.

Step 2: Fund your account
You can fund your SogoTrade account with ACH, or an electronic money transfer, directly from your bank account. This typically takes anywhere from 1 to 3 business days, and is free, no matter how much money is transferred. Other options include mailing a check, which takes at least 10 business days to process, or doing a wire transfer, which is usually instant, but costs $30 for every transaction.

Step 3: Set up a Plan, or Buy in Real-time

Buy in Real-time
If you wish to enter the market immediately, you can do so with a Real-time trades. Real-time trades are sent to the market immediately. You can send both limit and market orders Just click on Real-Time Trade in the left navigation menu to place a Real Time Trade. Placing a Real-time trade with SogoTrade is very inexpensive, only $3 per month. This is one of the lowest rates in the industry.

Step 4: Watch it Grow
You can review all your current positions, and their value, in the Account Overview Section, just click on the Account Overview link on the left toolbar. You can also view your account activity and account summary in this section. Over time, if you follow the SogoTrade investment principles, your investment may grow even faster than you realize!

Step 5: Cash Out
Once you have reached your financial goal, or if you decide to sell some of your investments for some extra cash, you can easily do so by placing a Real-time sell trade. As described above, the pricing is very competitive, only $3, no matter how many shares you are selling. Then, just transfer the funds back into your checking account electronically, via ACH. You can also do a wire transfer, or request that a check be mailed to you.

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